Learn Pressure Point Fighting

Learn Pressure Point Fighting

Learn Pressure Point Fighting

Learn Pressure Point Fighting with Russell Stutely, who is recognised as the Worlds Leading Pressure Point Fighting Expert. His systems are required learning at hundreds of Police Academies, Security Institutions and Martial Arts Schools.

Learn Pressure Point Fighting
An Easier Way to Improve Your Martial Arts

If you could benefit from getting more power in each and every strike and at the same time learning where to strike for the best effect, massively increase the power in your takedowns and make locks more excruciating than ever before, then you need to sign up for my
FREE Pressure Point Fighting Mini-Course - Right Now!

Pressure Point Fighting: Adding this knowledge to your existing skill set will dramatically increase your effectiveness, for Sports Fighting and more importantly, for Self Defense.

You can Learn Pressure Point Fighting Online, with one of my specially created and world famous courses or simply by watching the instructional DVDs.

I Will Make YOU The Next Pressure Point Fighting Expert

  • Learn From The Worlds Leading Expert
  • Become A Certified Instructor
  • DOUBLE or even TREBLE Your Striking Power
  • Learn How Pressure Points REALLY Work
  • Perfect For Martial Artists, Sports Fighters, Self Defense, Police and Security Officers
  • Apply This Knowledge To Any Art Or System - Seamlessly And Efficiently
  • Fulfill YOUR Potential NOW

Benefits Of My System

Easy To Learn

Get practical information and methods that you can implement almost immediately.

Video Training

Hundreds of online Video Lessons, downloadable individually


Train at your own pace, one lesson at a time, with constant guidance and advice.

What People Are Saying

Very informative,thank you and God Bless.

Arrasheed Jordan

I have been a personal student of Russell in Cyprus for many years. I already held 3rd Dan when I met him.... then everything changed. I have competed professionally in MMA. None of this would have been possible without Russell

Mike Zawadski

All I can say is WOW! Holy crap, these movements seem deceptively simple but just from what I've seen, are MUCH more powerful than I thought they would be and relatively simple to use as well. NICE!

krys stromsted

Thanx a lot-easy effective an properly explained


I sent this to you once already, but it was sooo good I'm doing it again. It was very easy to understand.

was the step by step approach and explaination.

I will buy more of your material. I have some now I think.

Paul Meggison

The examples were very generous in what is demonstrated. Also they gave a good representation of what is covered in the training and how the applications of PPDT work. Impressive.

Calvin Schmid

Instant understand from watching your Videos

Hi Russell, it is such a pleasure watching your videos because the way you show and explain the various techniques Instills an instant understanding so easily, and that is the sign of a true master. I look forward sometime to train with you personally.
regards, Ragnar.


Great experience, good material and enough material to know if one is interested or not.

Looks good and well put together.

Felt good. Came easier than expected. Really got a guy thinking. simple yet effective.

Mindset and intent seemed to be the focus after trying some of the material seeing things came about pretty fast.

Everything to gain and 0 to lose. The composure of Russell and how he teaches really seems genuine and allows you to concentrate on the material to where you want to have the thought process that he has.

My limited experience there has been great up to this point.

Randall LeRoy

Russ is the man, the one to go when you want to upgrade your skills

Russ is the man, the one to go when you want to upgrade your skills, his knowledge is so extensive that he can make difficult subjects really easy for everyone (me included, that is to say!)
I am proud to call him a master and a friend

massimo celentano

Good course with easy to remember data. Thanks.

Jack Hill

Very easy to understand

The way you teach is very important and any one can see the point of contact for themselves how good the dvds are.

Dear Russell i have bought most of your training dvds over the years as well as other martial arts instructors and i find your way is very easy to understand and learn i have very little time to train lately as i have 2 jobs main 1 in retail security & im a doorman to make ends meet. I have always rated you highly to my friends best wishes for the future.

Paul Telford

Russell has taken me to a whole new level

I've been teaching since the early 90's but Russell has taken me to a whole new level and I'm proud to call him a mentor. His tactics and principles are brilliant, this technology will enhance whatever style / system that you do.
With respect,
Craig Burman
Close Quarter Street Combat

Craig Burman

Love the explanations on everything you do specially the hips past ankles for wave forms

Joseph Coslett

Wow some great little nuggets of info in these clips!! easy to follow instructions with (what will end up being) devastating results. Loved it.

David Schwass

I LOVE IT !!! In 1960 I went int he US Marines and they taught everything about shooting your rifle with your very basics. Our hand to hand combat was almost as detailed, but not as good as yours. I will buy your program. Paul

Paul Meggison

Dear Sir, I found your mini-course very informative. Mr Stutley your personal method of delivery is one that appeals. I have recently had my 63rd birthday and am convinced that for someone such as myself a simple method of combat is what is required. But this subject is in my opinion "a doing thing" and not just "a wearing the T-shirt thing" I wish that I could train with personally. I wish you all the best. E.COULTER (Ted)

Edward Coulter

I have been looking for this training for over a year. I am a security officer training instructor and prior law enforcement. I am looking forward for future training material.

Valuable training and usage tool.

Thank you for this powerful training and self defense program.

Clarence Simmons

Spend Lotto Win On Training With You

I wish I could win the lotto... I would spend the vast majority on it learning the Russell Stutley Open Circle Fighting Method!!!
Everything you mention (in all different media-modes) makes sense.
I have a very young (new) Fam' - as soon as I can I will be buying your PP resources - thanks Russell

Kojin Kyoshi Chris Murphy Aikido

I am loving it

Just how simple it can be

Mate just Thank you


I am impressed at the straightforward explanations. It can seem overwhelming to a beginner - so many pressure points, quadrants, left, right, front, back, wave, BAR, Players, lots of things to do. But when taken in these small bites, it feels like it is "digestible" and I'm looking forward to taking on a steady diet... one or two bites at a time, then practice, then some more, in the sequence Russell sets out for us. Many thanks for these tidbits/teases of the full program. It seems "achievable" when seen in this simple, "chunked" presentation. :)

Matthew Weeks

Thank you for sharing this timeless advice.

Spot on. Very inspirational. Your points are well taken and something all of us, both student and instructor, need to strive for. Thank you for sharing this timeless advice.

John Scali

To use one word - "EXCELLENT" .

Jo Milburn

Revealing information, very clear explanations, excellent quality video, professional webpage. First class presentation as usual.


The presentation was easy to understand and easy to apply.

The presentation on generating power in your punch made sense with all your momentum going towards the target. I was taught the typical punch in Okinawa and thought that was the most powerful way to land a punch. I was humiliated by a rather large black belt when my best punch just made him smile.

I thoroughly enjoy the lessons I have viewed in the courses I have purchased. I have just not taken the time yet to master the techniques and hope to do this soon. I like the way they are sequenced so that you can build on each stage. I do feel sorry for the person on the receiving end of the demonstrations.

George Bowman

I believe that what I saw in this mini course convinces me that Russel Stutely is the real deal! A calm and collected master teacher who effectively teaches what is required to be deadly efficient without the hype and obnoxious attitude many use to sell their product or services. For me HOW you teach is just as important as to WHAT you teach, and the Masters to me have proven time and again that "effectiveness" is always taught with clarity and grace.


Absolutly wonderful, completley opens one's eyes

Christopher bulloch

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