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I have been teaching this subject for over 20 years around the World.

The reason for this is quite simple, I have a passion for the Martial Arts and want to ensure that everyone has access to the very best information at all times.

If you are anything like me, then you want to be the best that you can possibly be.

That may not mean being a Sports Fighter of course, that is for the young, fit, conditioned athletes, that are willing to dedicate their lives to a short, painful, but hopefully lucrative career.

I have trained extensively with Elite level Boxers and Martial Artists and therefore, fully aware of the sporting aspects of the Martial Arts.

I have trained and worked with Military, Law Enforcement and Security Officers in several Countries on 3 Continents.

I tell you this, not to blow my own trumpet, but to let you know and fully understand, that my methodology and background is that of – This must work when the proverbial hits the fan.

I have zero time for wishy washy nonsense.

My systems are required learning at nearly 100 Police Academies, with over 30,000 Security Officers Certified Annually – this is no accident.

It is because what I teach works and works damned fast.

Everything MUST follow my simple rules:

  • Easy To Learn
  • Easy To Apply
  • Easy To Teach

If you truly want to take your knowledge, skills and expertise to new heights and become a TRUE Pressure Point Fighting Black Belt Expert, then you are at the right place.

My online courses are, quite simply, the very best of their kind – end of story.

what people are saying

i wish i had this against joshua

I so wish I was allowed to use the techniques that Russell teaches in the Boxing ring. I would have beaten Joshua for sure if that was the case!

Listen up – I have sparred hundreds of rounds with Russell over the years and I can tell you this – he is the real deal – make no mistake about it!

Paul Butlin - Former Area Heavyweight Champ

Great for the ground too

When I first met Russell I was already a 3 time European Grappling Champion.

From the very first minute I knew that we had found what we were looking for to enhance our skills considerably. You owe it to yourself to take this knowledge and apply it to your own Art.

John Andrews - OCFM International Coach

it works, it hurts - plain and simple

I have been involved in the Martial Arts and Self Defense World for many many years. I took the opportunity a couple of years ago to train with Russell at his Training Camp. EVERYTHING he teaches just works, it just hurts and its easy to make work. Train with the man whenever you can!

Craig Burman - Self Defense Coach

Russell Stutely – Qualifications:

  • World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting
  • OCFM International Coach
  • Pressure Point Defensive Tactics International Instructor
  • Cop Tactics - Master Instructor
  • Sports Fighting Coach
  • 6th Dan Karate Jutsu
  • World Combat Hall Of Fame
  • World Martial Arts Hall Of fame - Instructor Of the Year

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Russell is the Worlds Leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach.

His systems are in use with nearly 100 Police Academies.

He has helped 1000’s of Martial Artists massively increase their skills – almost overnight.

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